Newcastle Casino : Keno

PLAY 1 TO 1,000 GAMES!

The game of Keno uses 80 balls numbers 1 through 80. Every game, the random number generator draws 20 balls at random and displays their numbers on screens located throughout the casino. The object of the game is for the player to guess some of the numbers the random generator will draw. To play Keno you need to fill out a wager request form and visit the cashier cage in the North or Central building to assist in creating a validated ticket to play. How much can I win? The Keno pay book is a pamphlet which shows the pay tables, rules of play, and how to play. These are located at the North and Central cashier cages.

Mega Keno

Newcastle Casino is now offering the biggest progressive live Keno jackpot in the country. MEGAKENO® a “Live Keno” progressive-style product typically associated with electronic games. MEGAKENO® offers a chance to win more than $2 million for MEGAKENO® players hitting 10 out of 10. The cost to play is $2.00 per game and you may book from 1-1000 games.